Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Vegetarian Italian: Cook in Puglia

 Oggi Cucino Vegetariano     
The past three years Ylenia Sambati has been a great collaborator with Home to Italy, sharing the unique and the beautiful 
Italian life in the Salento. 

Home to Italy is proud to launch her new online Italian Vegetarian cookbook later in 2016   ©yleniasambati2015  

Yle is the CEO of the only Wine and Cooking School in Puglia and we have created this platform to share her program for cooking Vegetarian Italian food.    

Video cooking lessons and more will be available soon.    
You can also practice Italian since all recipes are featured in our native language.  
One of the attendees to Cook In Puglia shares his opinion with you.
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Oggi Cucino Vegetariano 
Vegetarian recipes in Italian and English

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Chichpeas and mint sauce                  




Home made Stracciatella Cheese                                     

Tomato Sauce                               

Bocconcini di Zucchine 
 Zucchine Balls  

Spinach and Spelt        

Interested in learning more about Vegetarian Cooking?  
Now Cook in Puglia will add a Vegetarian cooking class for 2016!                            











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    1. shall have to see i someone can fix that, it works when I try to post.........thanks for telling me! first time I heard about this....and I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

    2. Had the link checked by Yle and was told it was to find a tech here to review it

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    1. thank you for reading our series! there will be more recipes before Xmas
      I liked your post on your site and attitude!


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