Monday, May 13, 2013

I want to be Home to Italy!

This trip to the North was important to launch Mature Solo Travel.
But I miss my month in Italy.....

Prenda mi a casa!

I shall be back on line with Home to Italy in June, see you then

Sunday, May 5, 2013

An Italian Smile

A friend in Florence, Italy who offers the great apartments for rent that you see posted here, just sent me this photo as I leave for a trip that is NOT home to Italy.......

Just a reminder of what I will miss if I don't return to Italy every year....

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Florence Italy Apartment rental with a view

Renal apartment in Florence
Another wonderful opportunity to Live Italian while on holiday in Tuscany       an apartment in Florence!

Ref: Apartment rental, VANNA

Although a  basic apartment  on the top floor (second) of the building, it is very light, quiet and tastefully furnished by Vanna the owner.

Vanna is a real artisan dress maker, whom also works wonders with all sorts of buttons, frills, and material into purses, scarves, even slippers and necklaces are available for sale! 

Tucked away in this tiny street is the heart of the very old quarter of the OLTRARNO, area of  Santo Spirito. (across the river from the center of town)    Immediately entering the tiny building  gives a homely atmosphere climbing  the stairs dotted with paintings and plants.

The apt is to the rear of the building, has an entrance corridor leading to the lounge and dining area.    To the left separated by an arch, is the afrescoed double bedroom, and to the right