Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sorrento Festival for SALA patron Saint

Four Day Festival In Sorrento To Honor Saint Anna

 Santa Anna Sorrento Lingue shared with me the festival that celebrates their patron saint and the entire town of Sorrento will celebrate.

From Olga Stinga with SALA

"On July 26th Italians celebrate the Festivity of Sant’Anna (the Saint to whom our Institute is dedicated and that we take the name).      The celebration for this saint will last 4 days, until Monday when there will be a huge festival in Marina Grande (the fishing village of Sorrento) and  fireworks.

         The Madonna, called Saint Anna, protects  pregnant women and on the 26th of July all the pregnant women of the Sorrento  Pensinsula travel to the fishing village of Marina Grande and visit the church.

         There is also a special event organized in the church: at 7 pm on the 26th of July the priest will bless  some handkerchief's with holy water and he distributes them to all the pregnant women attending the celebration.   It is a way to ask for the protection of this saint.    Again, our Institute is dedicated to Sant’Anna, the imother of Maria (the mother of Jesus).
On Monday there will be a huge procession by sea: the statue of the Madonna will be put on a boat and they’ll drive her along the coast to bless the sea and the land.       The boat will be followed by hundreds of smaller boats to form a procession by sea."  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Live Italian, Learn Italian, Be Italian

Just a reminder not to miss this great opportunity to Learn Italian, Live Italian in Sorrento, Italy.

               SASL CLUB 50+” PROGRAM

The Club 50+ programme offers a complete package of lessons and activities, exclusively for people aged 50 and over who want to travel, meet like-minded
people and improve their Italian.                                                                      

                                                                                                  CLUB 50+ IS SUITABLE FOR:

The young at heart!

- Mature students who want to make most of their time on full and excitingsocial programmes - Anyone with a genuine interest inItalian culture and a desire to broadentheir world view.CTS


SASL 50+ course focuses on practical General Italian in the four skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening. You will be placed in a class  of  students  from  different  backgrounds and nationalities, all of whom are over 50


The  excursion  programme  includes  activities that will help you to discover this unique city and its culture. You will discover the incredible history of Sorrento, Pompei, Naples and the Campania Region and have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine.


You will study in group classes, take part in group activities, and have free time to create friendships with people from many different cultures


- 2 weeks Italian Basic Course
- Accommodation: 2 weeks  in a family, single room, B&B
- 1 tour of Sorrento- 1excursions to Pompeii-
- 1 excursion to Naples- 2 afternoons of school  activities, such as Italian film and class cultural lessons.
- 1 visit to Lemoncello Factory followed by tasting- 1 make your own Gelato and enjoy- 1 typical Sorrentine cooking class 
PRICE 1009 per person

START LEVEL:  beginner to advanced
Beginner to Advanced

Fr1th October 2012
to 13th October 2012

2 weeks0 lessons per week
4 hrs per day/5 days per week)

20 lessons per week-  4 hrs per day
5 days per week

Contact the school for all information
1 lesson = 50 minutes
"I took this wonderful class while on sabbatical and NEVER forgot the woknderful instructors, administrators and staff.   We still keep in touch and I return to Sorrento every trip I am Home to Italy." Lee Laurino

SASL - Sant’Anna Institute - Sorrento Lingue
Via Marina Grande 16 - 80067 Sorrento (NA)
Tel. +39-081-807-55-99 - Email:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Italian style: sunglasses!

Yle, with

Italian women and men are always dressed well when they go out each day.

Sometimes I fail to notice how well dressed the Italians are, because I am often amazed how 'lovely' a group they are!  

Yle gave me some insight, telling me that "we Pugliesi pay a lot of attention to our look".  "An Italian woman would not go to the market without being fully dressed."  

Her other comments I had to send to Google translate but it sounds so much better in Italian!   "Le donne Italiane (most of the times) are belle e affascinati. (beautiful and fascinating).

 Lots of importance is given to the look, accessories, make up, shoes, nails.   But they are naturally belle....just consider their taste in getting dressed and combining clothes in the best possible way.     Their hair also will be "a Posto", because we always say a woman has to ordinata, curata, profumata, gradevole".  translated:  tidy, organized, fragrant, pleasant.    

"The Italian woman does not wear 'sloppy' or casual clothing at home or out in the street".
 After years of sloppy t shirts, flip flops and sometimes appaling attire, worn in the USA, I am always underdressed when I arrive in Italy.  My uniform has become BLACK.  From head to toe and you can't go wrong.

Italians know how to create art with a scarf (a future post) but have you noticed the wonderful Shades they wear?  Our friend Yle has kindly given me many photos from her FB album to show you what I mean.

Can you share other photos?