Thursday, May 3, 2012

Italian Death Notices!


 I have walked by posters in many Italian towns saying 'goodbye' to a family member, announcing to the neighborhood that a friend has passed away.       I think I always read these to see if any locals had a familiar name.   Many were similar but none were exactly the same.

The notices are lovely, often with photos.  Since I only read a little Italian I could not tell if there were poems or stories about the person.

While living in Sorrento Italy I visited the local cemetery.   I walked by the cemetery  every Tuesday on the way to the weekly market.  After asking my contact in Sorrento if it was acceptable to walk around the cemetery he told me families often visit on Sunday.  Sometimes they might bring a picnic.  And the monuments were very interesting and kept impeccable.

This location was old and had newer sections
built on top of the older sections.
Each marker had photos and flowers and sometimes messages.  
Not a quiet place, lots of visitors and one tourist.

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