Monday, May 18, 2015

Verona, Italy via Photos

A stop over in Verona on my way to Venice resulted in a town overflowing with runners!
A marathon was planned for the day after my arrival!

You can't plan everything so the crowds were larger, the wait for gelato was longer but the added benefit was a piazza filled with booths and music.  

Verona is a pedestrian city and it appears the entire town stroll along the shop filled streets from one piazza to the next.  

I found it a city of textures and colors.  The building are the monuments in this city.

The arena is the focal point of the central piazza and they start the famous operas next month

Looking up you can see the building behind you in the reflections

You forget there is a strong river running through Verona.  Strange there are no cafes or restaurants along the river front

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