Thursday, February 24, 2011

Italian Nonna Wanted to Rent!

I need a Grandmother in Italy!  As an Italian American I had a glimpse of daily Italian life in an American contex. Visiting my grandmother during summers, the cousins would learn to paly cannasta. One day Nonna showed us how to make one type of pasta. .    But since I have lived in Italy twice for periods longer than a vacation, I realize I need a nonna.

Italians are wonderful, gracious, kind and will help you whenever they can.  But I noticed as an outsider in a town of 17,000  I was not accepted.  Everyone planned their days around their family.  Dinner was at home with the family. Someone without a family did not fit in.

So I need to rent a Nonna.   Do you have anyone you think would be interested in applying for the job?

I would walk Nonna to the market to select fresh fruit and veggies.  I would learn how to pick the best zucchini, how to chat with the vendors at the cheese stand and ask about their families.   I would carry the shopping bag back to Nonna's apt; Then we would cook!   I would learn how to make the perfect pasta, how the vietello should be cooked and so much more.

And Nonna would tell me stories of life in Italy when she was young.  I would know about the festivals and what special foods they had for easter and for Christmas.    Oh I NEED A NONNA. 

Please apply.


  1. Having a daughter has made me realize how important connections are. Yes, it would be nice to have a nonna wherever we go to guide and protect us. I do hope that those who do have the good fortune of having a loving nonna realize just how beautiful and wonderful they truly are.

  2. such a lovely attitude.

    i hope to continue work on interview with Italian seniors to hear about living in Italy in "the old days" as I always heard growing up.


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