Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pizza school in Napoli?

Can anyone tell me how to find the Pizza School in Napoli?

While  in Sorrento, italy I visited Napoli for the San Genero Festival and street procession (I am Italian American but may have been the only non local there) I saw signs for a  Pizza School

taking the phone number was a waste of time since my language skill are that of a 3 year old and the school would not have thought I was trying to make a tomato delivery to the kitchen!

Back to Pizza. I want to learn to make Pizza in Napoli, where Pizza was born. Can someone tell me where to find this school? A helpful reader told me about the professional chefs school for pizza. 26 weeks would be great but of course not possible. Besides, when the head chef yells slice the mozzarella, i might be picking up a pepperoni!!!!

So my quest for the Napoli Pizza school continues.
Meanwhile, I did watch the cooks at Piazza Fiore in Rome make Pizzia!

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