Friday, August 19, 2016

Cooking vegetarian in Puglia: a small glimpse of this fall event

Italian cooking
 is more enjoyable with a local wine.  

The cooking and wine school in Puglia, Italy offers a wide assortment of custom events that make a trip to Italy more than museums and monuments.   

But it is Ylenia Sambati who will 
be the reason you return to Puglia. 

A lifelong vegetarian, I have asked Yle to share Italian-vegetarian recipes with me to post on Home to Italy as well as puplish with La Gazzetta Italiana newspaper.  

Now you can learn a healthy way to cook Italian dishes during a a special week of cooking (click here for details), learning and experiencing the area near Lecce.

The perfect setting for cooking lessons at the school

 Here is a small sample of a cooking lesson
with Yle

You can take cooking lessons everywhere in Italy.   But an experience with Cook in Puglia is so much more.

"Meeting Yle more than 3 years ago was one of the unplanned events that can leave a lasting impression.   
When I return to Puglia, I never feel like a tourist, but like a friend returning home."  

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  1. I am not the Italian expert but since tourism is a BIG part of the Italian economy you should find lots to do, see and eat in the three areas you are traveling. They all are very popular places. You may find a restaurant closed but another is open.most of the towns along the sea are VERY popular in the summer.

    A trip to italy


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