Sunday, June 21, 2015

Naples: Art in the Subway

My first visit to the Art in the Naples Subways       was in October 2014 with Tina, a member of 

I returned this summer to visit the stations with 
some colorful art designs

Each station I visited had a particular color scheme and design.   Most had brightly lite escalators

One of my favorite stations made me feel as if I were traveling under the sea.   It is so gripping that I                                had to be sure to hold on as the steep escalator took me under the dome.

                               And in another station the floor was the art and had a movement to it.
                                               Again, be careful the art can be disorienting.

                                                   The art continued on the stairways.

  Another favorite is this crayon colored walls

Another stop was a history mural

This station makes you think:   train rails over shoes, briefcases, hats and other human paraphernalia

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