Monday, April 13, 2015

Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos

On my way to Germany for a press trip I spent Easter in Italy...........the food, the people and the ceremony  were a great reintroduction into European life.

Four cities in a week is  not for the average traveler but far better than just 'arriving' at my first assignment.

Later this month you can follow my 7 towns off the Beaten Track


The countryside of Assisi on a cloudy day

Inside the cloisters of St Frances:  asked the American working there what they use the massive building for

In the central square of Assisi


On the vaporetto you can not WEAR your back pack.  NOW I know why that woman was yelling at me!

Canal entrance to a private home

Masks to change your identity

A quiet moment for the gondoliers

On very trip, the gondolas are parked here.  Have wondered if it is for the perfect photo op?

Colors and textures are all over Italy.  A different way to observe a city.

Often the BEST part of my trips are the moments I stop and live Italian.
At the end of my alley was cafĂ©/kiosk.   Sitting here in the sun with NO other tourists.

Visiting a residential area of Venice.  It is laundry day!

A former gondola offers fresh produce in the neighborhood.

Venice is the PERFECT location to add to my collections of 'reflections' photos

Not far from my guest house is a gondola 'repair shop'


The smallest coffee/drink stand I have ever seen

During Easter the oxen bring a special cart to the Duomo.  The expressions says to me:   This hat?  Really?

Unusual signs are all over Firenze.  I am still trying to translate tis one.

Sitting in the sun in the Boboli Gardens.  On Easter many of the important sites were FREE and very well attended.


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