Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Italian Cookies: Sweet Treats from Puglia

Hand made cookies from traditional recipes

M R Artigianato Alimentare

As soon as you enter this 'factory' you think you have stopped to visit your nonna.  The charming 'living room' has a cozy fire place and the smells of wonderful baking.

On any day the small staff can be baking Amaretti, Tornelli, Mazapani, Tartufini, Tarallini Zucherati, pasta di mandorte or any of the salatoi they are know for.   the ingredients have no artificial coloring or preservatives.

Thanks to Mrs Rossella Tondo the traditional cookies and snacks of Italy are still available

Samantha explained the differences between the different treats

The two women roll and shape cookies quickly, filling each tray before
 the last one is finished baking.

Finished cookies are weighted and bagged

MR Artigianato Alimentare
Via Maria Manca 16Squinzano, Puglia, Italy


  1. I recently visited Puglia and LOVED! While in Alberobello I had a taralli cookie that was made with almond, wine, olive oil, etc. I have been searching for a recipe. It was not sweet and perfect with a coffee!

    1. sorry for the delay in responding, just got back today!,
      try the web site for this company (see above) they ship everywhere and i shall also ask my contact Yelenaia Sambati if she has another resource.


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