Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Florence Co Op serves lunch, sells handcrafts

Maestri di Fabbrica 
Borgo degli Albizi 68R    50122 Florence, Italy                                                        
  • Phone number +39 055 242321       website             

                  I found this unusual store on a street behind the Duomo (cathedral) while doing my usual traveler activity of walking all the streets in a town or as many as possible in the time I have, last year.  .

    After searching 4 long streets during my recent trip, I returned to  Maestri di Fabbrica a co op with a twist.

    Housed on the street floor, there is a pleasant warren of rooms displaying glassware, leather items, art pieces, natural soaps and creams, a good section of books and even a wine store.

    One of the rooms this year now sells high fashion footwear.

    More than a Store
    In addition to a wide selection of items crafted by local artisans, the shop has a self service lunch and dinner menu in the wine section of the store.    What a GREAT place for a solo diner.  Since it had taken me an hour and 1 gelato to find the store, I was too late for lunch.   But I shall try again to sample their offerings.

    For a flat fee you choose from cold salads, a soup and other vegetable or meat offerings.  The meal includes a beverage. There were several tables set for 4 and a few suitable for solo travelers.    Lunch was busy but not as crowded as most restaurants.    I have not visited during dinner hour yet.

     The first person I met when I entered was a delightful staff member who had shared lots of store information with me last year.   .   This year she has longer hair but is just as kind as last year.  AND SHE REMEMBERED ME!   I must be the most annoying tourist that ever visits Florence to be remembered year to year!..........feels like visiting friends.


    1. I think I would not have gone back until I was going to publish the article. (Red Face here) So I could then say something like "I'm sorry it's taken so long but....." You are braver than me!! Nice to know that you are remembered, and no not for being annoying! :-) I am constantly surprised be people in Italy who seem to remember us from previous visits. Of course we do "stand out" if we have mentioned Alaska, and we are always asking a million questions and discussing, particularly in a restaurant. Cracks me up though when they point to my husband and say "yes, I remember this face". I have flaming red hair but his face, 100 % Italian that he is, that looks like every other face there, that is familiar!! LOL!!!!

      1. shows me I have a limit on how many interviews I should do in a 30 day period! sad to see some of the vendors are no longer at their locations, stores have closed etc.... I finally get to EVERY story, just not as quickly as I would like


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