Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Umber

If you have ever seen artist paints, the ones in the little tubes, you know the name burnt umber....

Well that color may originate from the incredible color of the stone in Italy.

And most of the homes  are OLD and are of stone, not  wood, vinyl or synthetic stucco, but real hard stone.

The stone can almost seem alive as it glows in the morning sun, darkens as the day progresses and finally become cool (in color and temperature) at the end of the day.

I have asked my 'travel friends' in Italy how they truly can stand all the beauty around them?   I am not sure some of them even notice it.  Today you find everyone with their face in an electric box, large or small.  Never looking up or interacting with anyone around them.

The photos will share the visual warmth the stone project and after thousands of years, the stories.


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  1. Hi Lee - love these photos and your use of the word Umber .. I've always loved the name.

    I haven't answered your email .. I will do after the A-Z .. and email me please if I don't do it .. thanks Hilary


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