Wednesday, April 3, 2013

D: Diving off the coast of Italy

When I think of scuba diving I dream of southern beaches, islands, Hawaii  NOT Italy.
             But apparently there are exceptional dive locations off the coast  of Puglia, in southern Italy.   

         While learning to make pasta with
                  Nonna Vata on my first ‘create a wish’ vacation organized by Yle Sambati * the owner of, Debora Trippetti was my translator.  

Not until we exchanged emails and FB pages did I realize that Debora owned and ran a large Adventure Travel business.

 The company is:
   Finis Terrae Travel di A. Debora Trippetti,
                       Where the border ends the travel starts
deb logo

If you want to see Italy from the ocean floor contact
A.Debora Trippetti
mob. +39.340.98.66.997
skype: andebora
* see my blog for great stories on the adventures Yle created for me and her other happy guests


  1. Hi, I'm a fellow a-z blogger, I love Italy, it's my favourite country and I've visited many times. I'm not really into diving but hubby is. I'm more into sightseeing, beautiful architect etc! Good luck with the challenge. I'll visit again soon!

    1. So glad you found my blog. I will try to write about some of the places I enjoy in Italy but it may be hard to stay withing the letter of the day! tell me your favorite places in Italy..
      and the next time you are there, contact Debora for a sea adventure.

  2. Hi lee, may favourite places in Italy (there are a few!) are:

    Lake Garda
    Tuscany, sienna, montepulicano
    Sorrento... All of the amalfi coast

  3. Hey lee, also you have the captcha thing on, you might want to turn it off for more comments. Visit the original a-z site today to see how to do this!


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