Saturday, December 29, 2012

Italy in Winter

Thanks to a comment from Annette I began to think if anyone else plans a trip each year Home to Italy in the winter? 

A quiet moment in Como, 11/12
If you do, is it to see family?   To enjoy the holiday season?   Because work prevents travel other times? 

Or are the best values and no tourists at this time of year your motive?

Even early in the morning Sorrento is quiet, nothing like the spring and summer when the street are packed with tourists


Please share.......

My trip this month resulted in a bout of the flue, no heat at a convent hotel (after 4 hrs) and the unexpected HUGE crowds shopping on Saturday in Rome.

I will be posting my 'observations' as a guest post on Browsing Rome.   Thank you so much for the invite....

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