Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Affordable Italy Custom Tours

Travel with our expert, Yle.
Our local expert tells us that travel to Puglia can be your affordable experience this year
no matter what your budget is........see her list of great events tomorrow.
Meet Yle, your tour expert

It is time to seriously plan your vacation in Italy and discover an unspoilt side of the “bel paese” (beautiful country)  focusing on one of the most charming destinations in Italy – Puglia – a hidden region almost unknown to tourists.

And if it is a budget holiday?   No problem, whatever you are looking for, we have a full range of simply cozy accommodations to choose from and unique tours to join for one day or  more.
More and more frequently I am asked by my guests to suggest  some very unique on a budget solutions:     they can be B&B, agritourism, guest houses, homes in villages (case di paese), country houses, lofts, apartments.      All of them with a common characteristic: being it well located, preferably a few steps from the centre of the town where they can easily get anywhere and with the possibility of experiencing the true Puglia with locals, cooking, sightseeing, tasting wine and more fun activities.

Sometimes they clearly tell me what their budget is and I tailor a unique holiday accordingly. Staying in a nice apartment or in a beautiful country house equipped with all the comforts (kitchen corner included), swimming pool and bikes available, can be a fun experience.    I show them how to live like a local, where to shop for their food and more!    After a little while they’re so perfectly blended with the locals and they never feel like tourists.
For sure I find it quite boring, touring and exploring the classical way.  

It’s exactly the same everywhere and does not leave you unique memories. While blending totally with the area is “the travel experience” which makes the guest feel rightt at home and comfortable. 

Your budget is never a problem but an opportunity to tailor something specifically focused on the  preferences of the guests.    masseria, we can easily suggest some lovely places for you to stay.
Furthermore, if guests drive their own car it is also possible to settle them into some wonderful country houses (in the countryside or by the ocean).   In these accommodations, it is very common to dine with the family that owns the home.
Now let me say that the internet is a boundless resource of contacts and address.  But often what is advertised is not completely what it truly is!     That’s why a local travel expert can help you find the perfect place for you without any kind of surprises.
Being a local travel expert and doing this job for a long time I can  suggests to guests just what they are looking for.  
   Sometimes,  guests contact me for daily tours having found their accommodation on their own, and once they spend the day together in one of our wonderful venues (with lovely locals) they can simply return there for relaxation, to meet more nice people.     This may not be available in the place they have booked on their own.

Puglia has a great selection of quality on a budget holiday accommodation and attractions.
Why wait then? Book your holiday to Puglia today on for a tailor made trip that suits your taste and budget.
..and if your kitchen is cool enough we can eventually plan a cook eve t  and following dinner with locals!
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  2. I will pass on your comment to Yle with Most of the article is her travel outlook and how she plans trips for travelers.
    I saw your web site: I a in Florence in Nov. perhaps we can do a post on Florence Italy tours...


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