Friday, January 20, 2012

Pasta Lesson in Puglia with Nonna

What do you do when you no longer have a grandmother who can teach you all the great secrets of great Italian food?
What a wonderful day in Lecce, Italy.   This 85 year old Italian grandmother shared her years of experience making fresh pasta with an Italian American who speaks very little Italian.      But that did not matter, this group of Italians shared their time and knowledge freely.   

There is a BIG difference between dry and fresh pasta!  I never knew how the different shapes were created and have even found the ribbed wooden block so I can make the rolled pasta seen in the video.

Yle made all the arrangements for me to find an Italian grandmother (Nonna) who could show me how to make pasta.  I plan to return and learn how to make dolce and biscotti (cake/cookies).

A special thank you to Debora for translating throughout the day.      Martha Stewart I am not, but sono una Italian!


  1. wonderful Lee..... GRAZIE for this gift :-) Alla prossima !!

  2. prego, there will be two more videos soon. I am just learning about video interviews and have not edited them, but wanted to share....

    next we will be doing biscoti...


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