Thursday, December 13, 2012

Italy, shopping the market for lunch with momma anna

This is day four of my adventure in Lecce, Italy and I want to introduce you to Momma Anna.

We went to the market to purchase items for lunch.  Don't miss her video on home made pasta!

I will be featuring Momma A every month.   Soon we will have skype calls with Momma where you can ask all the questions about Italy that are not in the tour books.

Why do men live at home until the are in their 30's?
Do you cook lunch for everyone EVERY day?
Momma, how do I remove red sauce from my table cloth?
Start saving your questions for Ciao Momma, coming soon.


  1. Basically its like natural and there is nothing self made with it so a better thing can be experienced online shopping store in Egypt are doing a very good job and getting inspire from them is a very easy thing after seeing what they do.

  2. Abihu joe: would enjoy hearing about shopping in a market in Egypt, I hope to visit in the future


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