Monday, June 1, 2015

An American Woman's Twelve Year Love Affair with Florence

Nancy West author of the new book  All' Anno Prossimo.  An American Woman's Twelve -Year Love Affair with Florence

Former school administer
In 2000 she retired after 20 years and while friends told her to volunteer work or garden she bought a ticket to Florence Italy!  

She has been returning every year for long visits that allow her to have an apartment in the neighborhood and develop the ‘trust and friendship’ of the local vendors on the piazza.
She has called the area around Santa Croce ‘home’ each year.
When she recently had her credit card stolen, the local vendors extended her credit until the replacement card arrived.
Italian ‘friends’ brought her food, worried that without a credit card she would be unable to purchase what she needed
Using the local internet café back in 2000 she started to send emails to about 20 family and friends.
Her emails home to family and friends were engaging and when she stopped sending them after 15 years, readers asked for ‘more’.  So Nancy compiled stories and impressions from her many visits into her first book:   …………………………………………
From start to finish the book took about one year to complete.

Retrn to Florence yearly because ‘loved the city and there is a lot to learn “

Close to many other exciting locations in tuscany as well as train connections to all areas of Italy
Finding comfortable apts there is room for visitors and over the years as many as 40 people have stopped and stayed a few days.  Some were people she never met but friends of friends and lots of young people.
Committing herself to write a
‘letter home made her become more observant and her stories recount the charming, interesting and strange things she sees and hears as she travels the ‘neighborhood.

Ms West reads from her new book

In this short video Nancy reads a few entries from her book.     In addition the book gives suggestions on restaruants, what busses to take, what to see and where to go.  After visiting Florece for the past 30 years her suggestion for a local restaurant resulted in the BEST meal I have had in Italy!

Photo by Sheila Ford
She tells me she wrote her book for the “joy”.   It is available on line and several Cleveland book stores.There have been several book signings at local book stores.    Nancy West

Florence:  the Duomo 


  1. Is the book on Kindle or can I purchase it through Amazon?

    Joyce Wallace,

  2. Joyce, I believe it is HOWEVER< i have sent your question to the author and asked Nancy to contact you with the information......believe you shall enjoy this


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