Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Secret Ingredient in Focaccia

Mamma Gulia:    she creates joy for your mouth with Mediterranean cooking.

Learn the secret ingredient she adds to Focaccia!

On my second visit of Lecce with Yle at  my return was treated as if I were a relative or a valued friend.  During the week I spent in Puglia, Yle introduced me to many of her favorite people, all who I would never have met without her introduction.  I want to share these wonderful encounters with you.

After our visit to Taurino's Olive farm and learning to taste olive oil and viewing the operation of how to press olives, we took the short ride to the masseria.      This totally renovated farm complex may take your breath away!  From the miticulous garden to the pool or the room available in an old tower.   You shall immediately become entranced.

But we are here to meet Mamma Guilia, one of the outstanding cooks/instructors for

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