Thursday, December 6, 2012

Florence Italy Central Market: see Clara

No they are not called delis in Italy but they carry the products you would find in the 'Italian Store" in the USA.   I remember going every week to buy cold meats called cold cuts, cheese and the great bread they had fresh each day.

Whenever I am in Florence I visit the food market near San Marco.    I have my regular stands that I visit:  for cappucino, for fruit, for a cornneto.  But if I need a pannini I see Clara.

what a surprise to find that she has expanded to a seating area where you can have your lunch!   An after s few moments, she even remembered me.   I only come once a year but I have 'friends' in Firenze.   Or I am so very odd, asking questions, taking pictures, that it is difficult to forget me!

And Clara is thinking outside the box!  She has totes that advertise her stand!   What a kind woman, she gave me one of her totes!  So be sure to visit Clara when you are in the market in Firenze.

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